Giving wings to blockchain projects.

Let your projects take flight.

A marketing and strategic advisory firm specializing in cutting-edge blockchain technology startups.

Purpose driven growth.

Fomocraft is more than a name - crafting FOMO is what we do!


With dozens of successful token launches under our belt, we’re intimate with all the ins and outs of crypto marketing. As the industry changes at light speed, so do we.


Many years of experience across all facets of the blockchain industry provide us unparalleled insight into crafting a comprehensive integrated marketing plan.


Our valuable partners all across the planet - crypto funds, influencers, community builders, media partners, content creators, etc. - help grow successful global brands.


We take seed positions in the most promising blockchain technology in the industry, with an eye toward game-changing DeFi platforms. See our portfolio.

Looking for a strategic investor or marketing advisor?

Look no further!

Fomocraft maintains a team of global experts that provide continuous access to top-notch advisory throughout your Fomocraft engagement. Whether you’re looking to launch the next big thing in blockchain or just need to put the finishing touches on your crypto masterpiece, successful projects utilize Fomocraft services to develop their brand and build their runway for long-term success!