Taking web3 startups to greater heights.

Fomocraft provides marketing and strategic advisory services. It also invests into projects as part of an actively managed portfolio. In the course of our research to support these activities, certain projects stand out.

For especially innovative Layer 1 solutions, we are excited to support the project by helping to contribute to decentralization and governance in the early stages. Our validator nodes will always be community-first in nature and actively participate in protocol governance. Their presence indicates our long-term support for the project’s vision.

We have long believed that Proof of Stake is the proper direction for the future of the blockchain industry. One of the roadblocks that hinders the transition from energy-intensive Proof of Work mining is the dearth of quality validation services. Hence, we are proud to confirm the imminent launch of FOMO Nodes at a blockchain near you!

We anticipate our node services to begin operations in Q4 2022. For now, we are investigating the technical requirements for spinning up support for the following chains: